The Syma Helicopter

The Complete Guide For Finding The Right Syma Helicopter

The perks of having a syma 110g rc helicopter

Syma has recently launched its latest addition to its fine line of RC products: the s110g. It is a micro helicopter that measures 13.3 cm in length. It also comes with a slightly redesigned controller for a firmer and tighter grip.

In spite of its size, this model is packed with the following punch of advantages and features:
  1. It is made of Alloy Metal Body (ABS) that can virtually withstand any drops, bumps and it is almost indestructible.
  1. It is not bulky in comparison to other RC aircrafts.
  1. The remote-controlling distance for this particular model is about ten meters. This enables you to have an ample distance to properly maneuver the helicopter.
  1. Unlike other RC aircrafts, this model is not spring loaded. This means it can still hover even if you put down the remote on the floor or on a table.
  1. It has a built-in 4-in-1 infrared receiver.
  1. It is designed with a durable 2-Channel which can move towards three different directions.
  1. You can fly this baby at night without worrying of plane crash since it is equipped with a built in LED Strobe light.
  1. The dual propeller system can provide a smooth take-off and a perfect aerial balance.
  1. The lightweight frame is easier to handle compared to other models of RC helicopters.
  1. Charging time is really short: from 20 to 30 minutes and you can use it for over 15 minutes until it runs out of juice.
Meanwhile, here are the things that you can get upon purchase:
In case something breaks due to normal wear and tear, you can easily buy spare parts for your baby aircraft at your local toy shop or through online toy stores.

This machine is indeed a remarkable piece. However, if you are still in doubt of its quality, you can check reviews on YouTube and be surprised by how popular this RC helicopter is on the market today.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the RC toy bandwagon now! Invest in a Syma helicopter and enjoy flying your own miniature helicopter!
Typically, this type of RC plane is priced at $29.95, but you can avail a 50% off if you but it on online toy shops.

For more information about Syma Helicopters, just visit their official site today at Syma Helicopters.